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Welcome to the October 2011 IIS Community Newsletter edition.  For those who live in areas like me, Fall is here.  Leaves are changing colors, snow is right around the corner.  I've been hanging around the forums and noticed HCamper (aka Martin) answering TONS of questions.  If you have a problem, post your questions, bet you'll get a response.  If you have an article, tips/tricks, usergroup that involves IIS or related technologies. Feel free to drop us a line at

Thank you,

Steve Schofield
Windows Server MVP - IIS
Log Archival solution
Install, Configure, Forget


FTP Clients - Part 10: FTP Voyager

For this installment in my series about FTP Clients, I'd like to take a look at FTP Voyager from Rhino Software. For this blog I used FTP Voyager, and it is available from the following URL:

Robert McMurray Blog

Microsoft Announces SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux!

In this morning’s keynote address at the Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS) Summit 2011 , Quentin Clark (Corporate Vice President at Microsoft) announced that a preview of the Microsoft SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux will soon be widely available to customers. Yes, you read that right. Microsoft plans to release a driver that provides 1st class access to SQL Server from Linux/Unix operating systems. Recently, Microsoft has been working closely with a handful of partners to get feedback on private releases of the driver. A publicly available preview release of the driver is planned for later this fall . Prior to the announcement, I had a chance to chat with Shekhar Joshi, Program Manager for the driver.

Product Highlight

WebMatrix 2 Beta - Integrating with IIS Developer Express

I want to take the time to describe how WebMatrix works with IIS Express, the development web server. I hope that by the end of this article, users will better understand what IIS Express is capable of and how it works with WebMatrix

Community Highlight

Kerberos Troubleshooting
IIS 7+ Kerberos authentication failure: KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED

Why is PHP 5.3 on Windows faster than previous PHP versions?

How to convert CIDR IP block lists to IIS applicationHost.config format

What’s new in WCF 4.5? Automatic HTTPS endpoint for IIS

ASP.NET Thread Usage on IIS 7.5, IIS 7.0, and IIS 6.0


Import Apache mod_rewrite rules

Using Node.js in an ASP.NET MVC application with iisnode

How to install PHP 5.3 (good article)

The service is starting or stopping. Please try again later.

20 Linux tools for monitoring (I always like articles that discuss monitoring)

Beginner’s Guide: How IIS Process ASP.NET Request

Use Request filters in Dotnetnuke

Setting up XAMPP(Apache) with IIS on Windows

How to setup Mercurial server on Windows/IIS

Three methods to redirect HTTP to HTTPS

Using Service Bus Queues with WCF

This is a definite must have read for anyone using IIS. Scott Forsyth's Web Pro Series continues


One of my favorite methods interacting with the community is answering questions on discussion forums. It's amazing the questions posted and it's an opportunity to learn something too! Here are a couple tidbits posted by IIS Team members.

In the past 3 days, the most popular thread for everyone has been

ApplicationPoolIdentity gives access to the local disks by default ?

The post with the most views is

"WFF Stuck on Installing ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools".

Social Media related to IIS

Many community members share via and other outlets. Here are a few to get started! If you have a Twitter account, Facebook page or something, please forward to or send me a direct message at

ASP.NET is now on Facebook



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