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Welcome to the January 2011 edition of IIS Community Newsletter.  My goal is to bring a community perspective and share information happening in the IIS Community.   I hope you find the newsletter informative and helpful in keeping up-to-date.  If you have an article, tips/tricks, usergroup that involves IIS or related technologies.  Feel free to drop us a line at or join our WIKI @  

Thank you,
Steve Schofield
Windows Server MVP - IIS
Log archival solution
Install, Configure, Forget


IIS Express 7.5
This is a simple and self-contained version of IIS 7.5 that is optimized for developers.  You can run IIS Express 7.5 as a non-Administrator!

Great tips for Devs by Scott Guthrie


WebFarm Framework 2.0 - RTW

The IIS Team has released to web WebFarm Framework 2.0.  This free download is designed to help administrators who manage farms of servers provision content, settings and more.    Check out all the benefits of this great add-on!


Download / Homepage

Product Highlight - Windows Server 2008 Media Services

Windows Media services has been part of the Windows for a while.  A few years back Media Services was incorporated to the IIS team.  Since then, there have been a few revisions to the product making it an awesome edition.  The best part of the product it's a FREE!

Microsoft Windows Media Services 2008, a free download for all versions of Windows Server 2008, is a scalable, reliable and affordable streaming media server for delivering live and on-demand content over the Internet or an intranet to Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Media Player.

Community Homepage

Product FAQ

Discussion Forum

Product Manager Blog

Community Highlight

NEBytesNorth East Bytes - Microsoft Technology Usergroup in the North East of England.  I hope one day I get to attend a session!


North East Bytes (NEBytes) is a User Group covering the North East and Cumbrian regions of the United Kingdom. We have technical meetings covering Development and IT Pro topics every month.

Andrew Westgarth - MVP
Jonathan Noble - MVP
Ben Lee
Damien Foggon

More information


This section share other IIS community efforts to highlight articles, blogs, tips/tricks shared by others.

IIS Brasil

Configuring IIS on 64Bit Windows 7 to Work with the Access 2007 OLEDB Driver

Use Process Monitor, filter w3wp (IIS) processes

Webfarm Tips / Tricks

Targeting the .NET Framework Version and Bitness with AppCmd


One of my favorite methods interacting with the community is answering questions on discussion forums.  It's amazing the questions posted and it's an opportunity to learn something too!

Forums by

IIS Discussion forums on (nice to see this forum still active!)

Social Media related to IIS

Many community members share via and other outlets.  Here are a few to get started!   If you have a Twitter account, Facebook page or something, please forward to or send me a direct message at

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