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Welcome to the February 2011 IIS Community Newsletter.  We have received great feedback from our first newsletter.   If you have an article, tips/tricks, usergroup that involves IIS or related technologies.  Feel free to drop us a line at

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Steve Schofield
Windows Server MVP - IIS
Log archival solution
Install, Configure, Forget


Expression Encoder 4 SP1 released with new IIS Smooth Streaming features

Vote for future IIS Media Services features!

New features in Web Deploy 2.0
The Web Deployment Tool simplifies migration, management and deployment of IIS Web servers, Web applications and Web sites.


Product Highlight - URL Rewrite 2.0

URL Rewrite Module is a powerful add-on available on IIS 7.0/5 that provides URL rewriting.  The ability to import Apache mod_rewrite rules, support Inbound and Outbound rules, supports custom .NET rewrite providers are a few cool things. 

URL Rewrite is a very cool and powerful module.  I have been recently learning how to use URL Rewrite more in-depth, there is a lot to learn!  I'd suggest signing up for the URL Rewrite discussion forum and track all threads posted.  This is a great technique to see how others are using URL Rewrite.  

Community Homepage

Product FAQ

Discussion Forum

Product Manager Blog

Community Highlight

When Microsoft released IIS 7.0, one of the surprise announcements was support for PHP ( ), an open source scripting language to Classic ASP and ASP.NET.   It's a great effort to extend IIS to other developers.   Brian posts a weekly link list that has all kinds of information.  Definitely worth checking out.


The main focus of Brian's blog is to provide technical content for PHP developers who are also using Microsoft technologies.

Brian Swan

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This section shares other IIS community efforts to highlight articles, blogs, tips/tricks shared by others.

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Web Pro-Series by Scott Forsyth - Scott is an IIS MVP and active member sharing lots of techniques.  He has published recent videos recently on IIS.

Understanding IIS Bindings

The SSL Bindings Issue

Setting Host Headers for SSL Sites in IIS

An Intro to IIS URL Rewrite–plus redirecting URLs to www


One of my favorite methods interacting with the community is answering questions on discussion forums.  It's amazing the questions posted and it's an opportunity to learn something too!  Here are a couple tidbits posted by IIS Team members. 

Classic Pipeline: Mixing Forms and Windows Authentication) by Carlos Ag

Response HTTP Header Explanation by Wade Hilmo

Good Performance suggestions

General IIS Discussion forums

Social Media related to IIS

Many community members share via and other outlets.  Here are a few to get started!   If you have a Twitter account, Facebook page or something, please forward to or send me a direct message at

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