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Important security update for .Net vulnerability

This month, one of the Microsoft security patches that was released was an important update for a vulnerability to the .NET Framework that could allow a denial of service attack. It is important to make sure that you have patched all of your Windows computers to make sure you are not vulnerable. Check out the TechNet link below for more details.


Product Highlight


Managing IIS logs can be a headache, especially with the amount of space that you use. Most administrators only keep a set amount of them on file and create a task to remove the rest. If you are looking for a better solution, check out LogIt. They have a simple and effective way to centralize your logs and remove that burden from the server.


Administrator Highlight

Before you take over supporting a web application…

This month’s highlight is an excellent read, particularly for any IT professional who will be supporting one or more web applications. Do you know the right questions you should be asking and what information you should be gathering? Eric covers it nicely with lots of specific details.


Reference Highlight

High Availability for ARR [Video Blog]

Here is an ‘oldie but a goodie’ by Scott Forsyth. It is one in a series of video blogs covering lots of helpful topics for system administrators or anybody who has IIS servers to manage.



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Move WordPress to a new IIS 8.5 Server

How to clean up Contact Form 7 temporary captcha files on IIS webservers

Microsoft IIS Web Server – CMD Process Contributing to Website Reinfections

IIS 8.5: Create an FTP site with user isolation (French)


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